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A former Facebook employee just testified in front of the United States Congress and blew the whistle—shining a light on the way that apps like Instagram and YouTube use algorithms that pick and choose what content to show us (and not show us) in order to keep us scrolling and clicking, to sell more ads. These dangerous algorithms use our own personal data to manipulate us. They’re hurting our kids, undermining democracy in the U.S. and globally, and exacerbating discrimination.

Fortunately, there’s a simple thing Congress can do right now: it can finally pass a real data privacy law for the United States, that makes it illegal for companies like Facebook and YouTube to collect the massive amount of data they need to power their algorithms. The best way to stop Facebook’s harms for the whole world is to cut off the fuel supply for its dangerous machine.

Tell lawmakers to investigate Facebook and pass a real data privacy law that ends their harmful business model forever.

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